Migrating to Windows 8 by Kevin E. Dayhoff June 12, 2013 www.TheTentacle.com

My latest experience with Microsoft has left me with the technological equivalent of post-traumatic stress disorder. In the last six-months I have migrated light years from the Microsoft Windows XP operating system to Windows 8. It was not easy.

I’m told the twitching and the nightmares will stop with the passage of time and copious amounts of coffee. When I finally pulled the plug on my old laptop for the last time, I had this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach as if I had just taken a loved-one off of life support.

That feeling was quickly replaced by the sheer terror of dealing with an improved computer system in which I could no longer easily perform so many of the functions I had executed effortlessly in the previous, now obsolete, system.

The Microsoft Windows operating systems have been a major force in the modern-era of technology and personal computing. The roots of the software system date back to 1981, although the first version, Windows 1.0 was not available for consumer use until late in 1985.

One of the most popular and widely used systems in history has been the Windows XP system, which was introduced in August 2001, and dominated the market until Windows 7 (released in 2009,) overtook it in August 2012. Windows 8 was released in October 2012.

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