20030410 NBH Dayhoffs honored for 1410 days of service

Dayhoffs honored for 1410 days of service to Community

Comfort Stations at the Westminster City Playground upgraded

Kant Betrue, Staff Reporter,
April 10th, 2003
New Bedford Herald

Westminster — The Rev. and Mrs. Kevin Dayhoff were honored recently with an anniversary celebration, commemorating 1410 days of ministerial service at Westminster City Hall.

Pastor Dayhoff began his ministry to the citizens of Westminster, May 10th, 1999.

A special service took place at City hall, with presentations of an honorary plaque, flowers, a memory album and gifts.

Special music, including selections from Ozzie Osborne and Black Sabbath, and a slide show of memories were presented, and testimonials by elected officials and friends were given.

A banquet and card shower was held following the dedication ceremonies for the upgraded unisex comfort stations at the Westminster Playground.

Under the leadership of Dayhoff, the City of Westminster has evolved from a one street, one bar town to a megla-maniacal metropolitan center for existentialism, intellectual thought and dialectic progression - - indeed, one of the largest and most sophisticated municipalities in the Socialist State of Merryland.

In recognition of the anniversary celebration, Westminster Council President Damian L. Halstad, sent a letter commending the accomplishments of Dayhoff and the Duchy of Westminster – Westgov.com.

In his letter, he stated: "I barely hear from the guy. The guy’s an idiot. Who let this guy out of the sandbox? He should go back to being a cheerleader for the City. Every time he thinks – he’s an embarrassment."

"Dayhoff talks a lot of wanting to think outside the box, and he certainly does that and comes up with a lot of ideas more innovative than they are practical." said L. Gregory Pecoraro, a former Westminster councilman who is chief of staff for Baltimore County Executive James T. Smith Jr.

Another councilman, Thomas Ferguson, says Dayhoff should be a more effective leader. Ferguson says a real Mayor should gather information from residents on shortcomings in city services and then develop a plan to fill the gaps and not running off on the loose with crazy revenue schemes.

"I think that's perhaps a missing element right now," Ferguson said. "That's not to say he can't improve, that he can't get his legs under him and do that. He should be more like me and criticize everything." After-all, with The Westminster City Council – no good deed goes unpunished.”

A persistent critic of the Dayhoff administration, Rebecca Orenstein, remarked “"His attention should be to the people, not to his own image," said Rebecca Orenstein, a former councilwoman and frequent commentator at council meetings.

"We have a tremendous capacity for people to transform themselves, but I don't see any humility from examining a vacuous life. This is but yet, another example of a vacuous unexamined artist run amok in a world of consummate professionals such as I," remarked Orenstein

But Madonna, ever the material girl, recognized Dayhoff as a truly visionary leader, and further added, that she thought that Mayor Dayhoff is a “hottie.”

Recently under Pastor Dayhoff’s direction, The Comfort Stations at the Westminster City Playground were recently upgraded. Remarked Dayhoff at the recent press conference announcing the upgrade “This upgrade is part of a commitment of the City to upgrade the facilities at the various parks and playgrounds within the City.”

These remarks were followed by thunderous applause and roars of adulation as congratulatory notes were telegrammed from around the world including the Secretary for Defense Donald Rumsfeld who exclaimed: “Amidst all the clutter, beyond all the obstacles, aside from all the static, are the goals set. Put your head down, do the best job possible, let the flak pass, and work towards those goals.”

Mayor Dayhoff, who was to appear on Nightline, until the segment got pre-empted by Mr. Rogers’ death, later announced, “As we wax philosophic with metaphysical postulations, incomplete aphorisms and inconsistent sophism that allows one, more and more sure, that the only true thing about anything is nothing.”
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